Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jordan Schafer Accused of HGH Use

Several sources are reporting that the investigative group created in the wake of the Mitchell Report has formally accused Braves prospect Jordan Schafer with HGH use. There is currently no test that is accurate enough to test for artificial HGH use, but according to reports, the committee began investigating Schafer during Spring Training and felt that they found sufficient evidence to bring the accusations to the public.

Schafer has been advised by his attorney to remain silent about the case until the official process has run its course. Meanwhile, Schafer will begin serving a 50 game suspension and is currently not playing for any of the Braves minor league teams.

Though it's sounds like a disappointing story for Braves fans, I'm not too worried about it. I felt that Schafer was extremely overrated to begin with , but an accusation of HGH use really doesn't translate into altered performance rates like an accusation of anabolic steroids use would. It also seems extremely premature to make an assumptions that Schafer was a prolific user, or that his use of HGH was sufficient enough to raise doubts about his performance last year.

After Schafer finishes up dealing with his case and suspension, he'll get back on track to being an above average .290/25 HR/20 SB center fielder that he was going to be before this whole HGH thing came to light. Good luck to him.

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Billy said...

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