Friday, June 27, 2008

Chris Davis Call-Up

For all those Ranger fans out there and other prospect junkies like myself, the news of the day yesterday was the long-awaited call-up of first baseman Chris Davis. The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Davis will platoon with Max Ramirez while Hank Blalock is on the DL, with Davis getting the start against right handed pitchers and Ramirez starting against lefties. I don't expect Davis to maintain the same numbers he had at AAA, but I do think that he'll see a lot of fastballs the first week or so, resulting in some long home runs and pitchers will quickly learn to take him seriously. If he gets 300 at-bats this year in the majors, I'd expect a line like this...

.275 average with 19 home runs, .360 OBP/.550 SLG/ .910 OPS

That's pretty good for a 22 year old. He probably won't get 300 at-bats platooning, but with the way the Rangers offense has been performing this year, I think he'll see plenty of pitches to hit and he could very easily play his way into a full time role on the team.

In Davis' first 5 plate appearances, he went 2 for 5, with an infield single, an opposite field home run and 3 strike outs.

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