Tuesday, January 27, 2009

5 Sleepers for 2009 Pitcher Edition

Last year about this time, I wrote a post for Wax Heaven with 10 sleeper picks for 2008 (5 pitchers and 5 hitters). I thought I'd take a moment to quickly review my picks, and then make a short list or pitchers to watch in 2009.

2008 Review 5 Sleepers Pitchers Edition

1. Francisco Liriano

Liriano wasn't completely under the radar last spring, but he also wasn't getting a lot of attention either. He's probably a good sleeper pick for '09 as well.

2. Trevor Cahill

I think this was a pretty good sleeper pick. Cahill had a great season and could start sometime for the A's in '09.

3. Jaime Garcia

The biggest question mark with Garcia going into '08 was whether his arm would hold up. It did...for a while. Would've been a nice addition to the Cardinals if he could've stayed healthy. Too bad.

4. Brett Anderson

I really think Anderson could be very special.

5. Sean Gallagher

Gallagher didn't blow anybody away in '08, but I think he could do a lot better in '09. His teammate Gio Gonzalez could also be considered a sleeper pick this year.

2009 5 Sleepers Pitcher Edition

1. Jack McGeary

While he spent almost the entire year at rookie ball, McGeary posted 28.3% K% and walked just 10 batters in 52 innings while maintaining a 68% GB%. To get McGeary, the Nationals agreed to pay the 6th round pick $1.8 million and allow him to attend Stanford University, maintain his own workout schedule, and play minor league ball in the summer while Washington footed the bill for his 4 year education. Weird, right?

2. Nick Barnese

Recently named the Rays 7th best pitching prospect by Baseball America, I think Barnese could end up in the top 25 prospects for all of baseball next spring. He's got really good stuff, and he's in a great system to develop even further. So far, Barnese has put up almost identical numbers to what Trevor Cahill posted through A ball, and his curveball mixed with his command should baffle hitters throughout 2009.

3. Dae-Eun Rhee

Straight out of Seoul, Korea, 19 year old Rhee reportedly already has 3 solid pitches, and is working on a fourth. Good control, good strikeout rates, keeps the ball down, and the Cubs are in love with him.

4. Christian Friedrich

Friedrich may not pan out like I think he will, but in 48 innings last year at A ball, he averaged 12.2 stikeouts per 9 innings, while walking just 2.8 per 9 innings. He keeps the ball down, which will come in handy in Colorado, and his numbers compare very well to Neftali Feliz, who was recently named the number 4 prospect in all of baseball by Keith Law of ESPN.

5. Jhoulys Chacin

Chacin is slowly getting some attention, including a recent spot on ESPN's top 100 prospects. He has excellent control, keeps the ball low in the zone, which -- like Friedrich -- will come in handy in Colorado. He's not an overpowering pitcher, but he has good numbers so far, and should climb up all the various rankings fairly quickly.
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James said...

I like Nick Barnese out of that list. Jhoulys Chacin is your safe pick I assume ;) Overall, I liked last year's list better in terms of potential.

I think one guy I would include Julio Tehran.

Add the guy Mets traded to the Twins. Deolis to the list too.

Are you going to do the hitters also?

Adam G said...

Hey James

I guess Chacin could be considered a safe pick (he's already been ranked fairly high on some lists), and I also agree that Barnese is probably my favorite of the 5. Teheran is already getting a bunch of hype, so I don't really consider him under the radar, and I think Deolis Guerra has a long ways to go before ha sniffs the top 25.

I'll try and do a hitters list this weekend (I have ZERO exams next week!)

Adam G

James said...

Does that mean you have a ton this week? If so gluck! I just got raped by GI (most of my friends did too) lol raped by GI...

What about Brett Cecil? He has a crazy GO% that you like. Solid K/PA... great K/BB (like 3-4:1)? Young... What not to like :)

I don't know how high he was ranked by ESPN though.

Adam G said...

We had a rough week last week, and the first half of this week was pretty nasty. We had a micro exam and I think the class average was somewhere in the 60% range. Ouch.

I thought about including Cecil, but he's considered one of the Blue Jays top prospects, and I think he's been ranked in the top 25 or top 50 on most lists. I haven't checked all of them, so I'll look into that. Otherwise, like you said, he's got everything I like in a pitcher. Great groundball rate, good strikeout totals, good control, and he's very advanced for his age.