Sunday, March 22, 2009

From India With Love

I'm not sure how many people have heard the story of Rinku and Dinesh, two young men who won a game show in India and a shot at signing with a major league team. The only problem? Neither one has never even heard of baseball, much less played it.

Good luck to both Rinku and Dinesh. Cricket has long been a very popular sport in India, and there are thousands of young cricket players out there who might not understand baseball, but certainly have been exposed to the basic actions. Maybe baseball could catch on quickly if a couple of young guys can break a major league roster.

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James said...

My friend and I betted that there won't be a NBA player of Indian descent in the next 13 years. 13 is a weird number but it was originally 15 and the player has to be born in India (similar to Yao Ming) but we compromised...

It's all part of India isn't a superpower until _____ bet... he backed out of the Olympic within next 25 years one :P