Friday, August 1, 2008

Thanks for the Best Month Ever from The Prospect Corner

The Prospect Corner's (TPC) blog traffic has been steadily increasing over the past few weeks, and July turned out to be a very good month. In fact, it was the best month ever!

Total visits: 7,525
Daily average: 243

Previous to this month, TPC had 7,858 all-time views over 6 months! I've tried really hard to improve the site and make it more interactive friendly, and I've also tried my best to have new content on a daily basis. I really appreciate all the comments and feedback I've received, and am glad that people find my posts worth reading.

Some of you might have noticed that I added a few ads to the site about a week ago, so I thought I'd inform everyone as to what kind of cash the site is bringing in.

Total: $1.66
Daily average: $0.18

Obviously, this site isn't much of a cash-cow, but hey, it's better than nothing.

Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying the site, and please leave suggestions if you think of any improvements I could make. Also, the site should display in a 3 column format (a central column with 2 small columns on the left and right). If it doesn't display properly on your screen, please let me know and I'll try to fix it so that everyone gets the best viewing display possible. Once again, thanks for visiting, and hopefully the best is yet to come.

Adam G.


Joel L said...

Congrats Adam on all the success you're having. The site is truly very informative and all the posts are done at a high level. I've been telling all my friends about it and they're enjoying it as well. Keep up the solid work.

Micah said...

I turned off my adblocker for your site. I bet you break $2 next month! (You'll be dropping out of school in no time)

James Qu said...

Hey Adam,

Congrats dude, Hopefully we can help you pay off something or another. Have you thought about posting pics a la Sickle? Especially if it's somebody you collect ;)

Or would that shut down ur website hehe..

Keep up the great work. Be more optimistic about Braves Minor League hitters! and keep feeding us info on their pitchers!


MommaG said...

WOW! I see you've figured out the Excel graphing. Looks good. That's pretty amazing improvement. Will the Braves ever win again????

Adam G said...

Thanks, mom.

The Excel stuff is getting better, but unfortunately, my graphs don't have the Braves looking so hot. Maybe we'll see some better teams in a couple of years, but it looks really bad for the rest of this year and all of next year. Ugh.

Micah said...

OK, site feedback. If you un-maximized your browser window, and narrow the width down, eventually the columns will "wrap". Instead of being side-by-side you will have a column on the left side, under that you will have a centered column, and then under that you will have a column on the right. There is a way to define a minimum page width. This would cause a horizontal scroll bar to appear for those people who have a ridiculously small screen. (or maybe they just browse with that tool bar open on the left side in IE)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Baseball's a question for you.....What makes for a great coach? Are the best ones real hard-nose kind of guys (a stickler for basics and execution) and "play" through their roster or are they more sucessful if they are more fucused on knowing the game by the numbers and playing to the odds (no matter who the other team is)and letting the game take it's course?

Adam G said...

Thanks for the advice Micah. I'll probably have to get with you on fixing the screen size issue.

As for great coaches, I haven't really come up with a good formula for that. There is a limited amount of research out there describing which coaches have won more with less talent, but it's hard to define and evaluate exactly what made that coach so good at what they did (it's difficult to interview a dead guy).

From the great coaches that are still living, I've seen that the majority of them understand the psychological side of the game as well as the stat side. While a player may be capable of a certain level of play, a good coach knows what kind of psychological approach that player must take in order to excel. That's what players mean when they describe a coach as a "coach (they'd) like to play for." If you look back at the run the Braves had under Bobby Cox, you'll find quotes here and there about Cox learning about lefty/righty splits and other aspects of the game that weren't tracked until the Bill James Era. Cox was able to accept the stat side of the game(something a lot of old-time ball players can't or won't do), and then meld it with the mental approach he had learned from coaches he had as a player.

Really, a good coach is just like any other good leader. They set the tone through their example, then create trust with their integrity and consistency without being overbearing or deconstructive. They are also good communicators, and comprehend the mental condition of those around them. Then, they put those people in positions with high success rates, giving them credit when they succeed and taking the blame when they fail.