Saturday, August 2, 2008

Francisco Liriano Call-up! Finally!

The Twins have finally come to their senses! Livan Hernandez was released yesterday (just as he was approaching several incentive benchmarks in his contract), and Francisco Liriano was finally called up from AAA to be with the team. I'm still not sure when they have Liriano slated to start, but it should be a very exciting debut.

This still seems like a move partially motivated by money. The Twins waited until after the trade deadline to cut Hernandez, right as he was about to rake in a few more dollars on his contract. Meanwhile, Liriano has spent the last 4 weeks making pocket change and delaying his opportunities to make some serious cash at the major league level. Everywhere you look, there's dollar signs and I really don't think it's a coincidence.

But, whatever. Good luck to Liriano and congratulations on making it back to the Bigs.

Update: Liriano will make his first start Sunday against the Indians.

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