Friday, February 20, 2009

Looking Ahead to the WBC: Yu Darvish

In case you haven't heard of Yu Darvish, here's a nice little article to help you familiarize yourself with the Japanese pitching phenom. I'd love to see some big market American team throw up some huge money to pry Darvish away from Japan, and maybe the upcoming World Baseball Classic will help turn some American teams on to him. I love his motion, both from the stretch and windup, and I think he could be huge in the U.S..

Here's an interesting video about Darvish and the Japanese baseball culture.

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And here's one more short clip with some slow motion replays of Darvish's pitching motions.

While I think the WBC is generally a bad idea for American players, I think it creates a great opportunity for foreign players to be seen, and it provides baseball a chance to gain popularity outside of the U.S.. International players like Darvish will help carry the game into the future, and hopefully one day we'll be reading high school scouting reports from not just places like Japan and South America, but China, India, and Africa.

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