Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Next Big One

If I was a betting man, I’d bet that it’s coming soon. The timing is right and the stars are lining up for the Next Big One. I’m not talking about an earthquake or solar eclipse or some spawn of Mother Nature, I’m talking about something so supernatural that it can’t be contained for years at a time, even decades. I’m talking about the Next Big Hitter. Who will it be? We’ve waited long enough and I think the baseball gods are due to send us down one of their Elite to grace us with their eternal fastball crushing presence and shower us with monster blasts and celestial run production. In ’86 they sent us Bonds, in ’89 it was Griffey, then ’94 brought us A-Rod, followed by Pujols in ’00. Miggy Cabrera has been with us for four years now, and yet we are waiting for the next One to come over the horizon. Maybe he’s already among us and we don’t know it, or maybe he has just begun his ascension through the ranks of the minors, but no matter who or where he is, he is coming and he’ll be here soon. It might be this year, it might be next, but a new Star will rise and win the hearts of all. I think he could be wearing a Brewers uniform, or maybe he is a young third baseman in New York who is still finding himself. Perhaps he is an 18 year old who hit 11 home runs in one month in A ball, or a certain center fielder that recently learned to hit left handed pitching. Or maybe he is none of these and we will have to wait for his time. Who do you think it is? Have you seen him? And how will we know when he is truly here?

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