Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring Training Notes

Wow, school is burying me! And all I wanna' do is head down to Florida and watch a few Spring Training games! Anyways, here's a few Spring Training notes from around the web...

Francisco Liriano finally got his visa and has made it to camp with the Twins. Meanwhile, Johan Santana and the Mets picked up where they left off last year by tying the University of Michigan's baseball squad.

Athletic's fans are cursing the name of Billy Beane right now, but the young talent he brought in this off-season is already showing signs of impressive talent.

The Red Sox are stockpiling pitching arms, and even asked Barry Bonds if he could throw a knuckle curve.

Andruw Jones showed up to camp at a very healthy 240 pounds. Maybe he's depressed that the Braves didn't sign him, or maybe the new uni makes him look fat, but he sure didn't miss many meals this off-season. Right now he's only 30 pounds lighter than Prince Fielder, who has decided to quit eating meat and cheese.

Scott Kazmir, Chad Billingsley, and a whole bunch of other pitchers have been scratched from starts already this year. Kazmir will be out for at least a couple of weeks. It sure would be a shame if he can't anchor the Rays pitching staff this year.

The Pirates have expressed plans to "build around" young guys like Steve Pearce, but obviously have planned to "lose around" guys like Xavier Nady for at least a few more months.

Ryan Howard is hoping to entertain contract offerings following the 2008 season of 8 to 10 years, worth $20 million annually. I wouldn't support committing that much money to a guy that will be 38 years old in 10 years, but I could think of worse investments.

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