Monday, March 3, 2008

This Made My Day...

While trying to put off studying for a biochem exam, I came across this article at the Hardball Times. I don't know if anyone else cares for this stuff, but Jeff Sackman and and Kent Bonham are endeavoring to compile accurate college stats, a task that seems quite daunting considering the lack of data most college teams keep. I asked a friend who played at the college level what kind of books his team kept, and he said it was all fairly basic since the in-game score keeping was usually done by hired help from the local high school.

I'm especially interested in college data as it pertains to ground ball rates for college pitchers. I have been looking for ground ball stats for months now with no success, but I'm pretty sure that some major league teams have a certain level of knowledge about which pitchers have extreme ground ball tendencies. The Red Sox and Cardinals are just 2 teams that seem to show a knack for drafting college pitchers with solid ground ball tendencies.

It strikes me as an extremely nerdy thing to get excited about, but I really can't wait until the release of a detailed college stats. So far the correlations between college and minor league stats seems difficult to judge, but I think there will be some very valuable discoveries once enough data is available.

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