Friday, March 7, 2008

A Daric Barton Bummer

One of the guys I was really excited about watching this year has already hit a bump in the road. Actually, he hit a bump last season, but it's taking its toll on him now. Daric Barton has missed the last 5 of Oakland's Spring Training games due to bruised left hand that he originally injured in AAA ball last summer, and it seems that no one is sure of when he will return to the line-up. Barton was sent to see an orthopedist Thursday to evaluate the extent of his injury, but no results have been released.

I'm really hoping that Barton gets this all worked out and is able to get back on the field soon. He's got a ton of talent and could really contribute to the Athletic's '08 season, but so far he hasn't shown a lot of durability during his short career. Little hand injuries like the one he is battling now could ruin his ability to make contact, and missing vital opportunities to develop his talent could really stunt his growth. I'm going to remain optimistic about him, but this hand injury sounds like bad news.

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