Friday, July 25, 2008

Baseball America Hot Sheet: Week of July 18th - 25th

Here are the names, along with commentary on each player (if I have any). Feel free to add your own thoughts and opinions.

  1. Brandon Wood, ss - Wood has been up and down over the last couple of years, but he's got good talent and will be a major league starter one day soon. There are rumors that the Braves would like to get Wood in a trade for Teixeira, but I'm not sure how accurate that rumor is.
  2. Brett Anderson, lhp - Should be on everyone's radar by now.
  3. Allen Craig, 3b - Not a bad player, just not a very high ceiling.
  4. Tim Alderson, rhp - I like his make-up and his numbers, especially in the California League. Hopefully, we'll see Alderson and Madison Bumgarner starting back to back in AA next season.
  5. Brad Holt, rhp- At 21 years old, big numbers are easy to come by in rookie ball. But Holt's strikeout totals and the emergence of a decent curveball make him a great pitcher to watch in 2009.
  6. Jeff Samardzija, rhp - Looking good as of late, but not a good long term track record. Not very interested in follosing Mr. Samardzija.
  7. Jesus Montero, c - While not one of the better catching prospects of the last decade, Montero could easily fill in for Jorge Posada in a few years.
  8. Scott Campbell, 2b - Decent hitter, but not much to get excited about here.
  9. Wladimir Balentien, of - Isn't this guy in the majors yet? Guess not. What's the hold up?
  10. Ben Revere, cf - While I'm amazed at Revere's .400+ average on the season, I'm not certain that he'll have what it takes to be a major league starter anytime soon. I'm not saying it won't happen, I just want to see him maintain his contact rates at a higher level before I jump on the bandwagon.
  11. Dextr Fowler, cf - Same concerns with Fowler as with Revere. Looks good on paper and in theory he should work out in the majors, but doesn't have many back-up tools to rely on should his contact rates see a significant drop.
  12. Austin Gallagher, 3b - Good stats, but I'm not expecting big things.
  13. Sean O'sullivan, rhp - Not bad stuff, but not great. Should be a good middle of the rotation type starter in a few years.
So that's my take. Have at it, y'all.

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