Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thanks for the Best Day Ever from The Prospect Corner

Just wanted to let everyone know that yesterday was the best day ever for The Prospect Corner. We had over 580 hits, up from the previous high of 570 hits. Thanks to everyone who takes part in the polls, leaves comments, and takes the time to stop by and read posts.

Let me know if there are other things you would like to see included in the blog, and feel free to offer suggestions for prospects you would like to see posts on, as well as any odd medical conditions you come across.

Adam G.


Joel L said...

As an A's fan of course I'm going to be biased toward my team. One prospect that has really intrigued me is James Simmons. With the A's having so many talented young arms, he tends to be left out.

He doesn't throw 94-97, rather he is around 89-92 and has excellent control. He is putting up decent #'s in AA, he K's quite a few but does give up a little more than a hit per Ip. However, he's only 21 and very advanced control wise for his age. How effective of a major leaguer do you see him being?

Anonymous said...

I think you should do a post ranking each teams farm systems.

Adam G said...

I've contemplated doing rankings for each team, and maybe I will once the season is over.

Right now I'm juggling too many classes to invest a lot of time in a big project like that, but I'll make it a goal to maybe do a team a week or something like that.

Anybody else down with that?

Joel L said...

That would be great. Sounds like a lot of work, good luck.

Adam G said...

Yeah, it could turn out to be a lot of work, but I think if I break it up it might not be so bad. Any teams you guys want to see first?

Joel L said...

A's, did you expect me to say any other team, haha. Also I've heard from many that the Rangers and Rays are competing for the best overall farm systems. It'd be fun to see what you think. Are you planning on giving grades or are you going to rank each team from best to worst.

Adam G said...

Sounds good. I try to do the A's, Rays, and Rangers first, and then the Braves since their my home town team and have some high profile hitters.

I'm not sure if I'll just rank the players, or if I'll give a score. I think I'll just rank them and include projections and comps, then leave it to readers to apply scores either numerically or letter or whatever. Would you all prefer scores?

Joel L said...

NO that sounds good to me. I'm sure we'd be able to figure it out by then.