Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Refractor Tracker is Coming Back!

Hey guys, for those of you who have kept up with this blog over the past 6 months, you know that I like to collect baseball cards with some of my spare change. A few months ago I thought about keeping track of some of the Bowman Chrome prices on eBay, specifically different refractor types. Sadly, I didn't do such a good job with the Refractor Tracker, but I'm ready to make another go of it. My Excel skills have improved, and I think this time will be different.

I'll try to keep a weekly watch list going of some of the better known prospects out there and what kind of prices their cards are going for (prospects that have rookie cards other than Bowman Chrome may be included in the Refractor Tracker). Prices will be based off of weekly highs. If there are no sells of a particular card for the week, the price will remain constant with previous sale prices. Here's a quick list of players I'll be watching. Let me know if there are others you'd like me to add.

  • Travis Snider
  • Chris Davis
  • Trevor Cahill
  • Brett Anderson ('07 Donruss EEE Auto)
  • David Price ('07 Bowman Sterling Auto)
  • Matt Wieters ('07 Donruss EEE Auto)
  • Madison Bumgarner ('07 Bowman Sterling Auto)
  • Matt LaPorata ('07 Bowman Sterling Auto)
  • Jason Heyward ('07 Bowman Sterling Auto)
Here's a quick example of what I hope the Refractor Tracker Charts will look like...

I'll try to keep up with weekly sell prices and post a weekly update on the cards I'm following.

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