Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You know it's coming...Chris Davis Home Run #8

81 total plate appearances. 8 home runs. .974 OPS. 22 years old.

If Davis ends the year with an OPS over .900 and 25+ home runs, do you think he could be in the top 3 for A.L. ROY? Is it possible he could catch Longoria?


Joel L said...

If he continues the streak he is on I can definitely see him in the top 3, however, I don't see him beating out Longoria. But who knows, he does play in a hitter friendly park, can't hurt his chances.

Longoria however, was an allstar as a rookie and in my opinion is a better overall player than Davis. I hope Longoria gets it.

Adam G said...

Yeah, Longo is going to be hard to beat this year, but hey, it could happen, right?