Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Prospect Corner's Mid-2008 Top 10 Pitching Prospects

This list was a bit harder to narrow down than the hitter list, so I expanded it to 10. However, I think this list is much more open to changes, debate, and modification over the next 6 months.

1. Brett Anderson - He won't show up on a lot of prospect top 10 lists, but that's fine with me. Anderson has been very good, he'll be a #1 starter for a long time.

2. Trevor Cahill - Do A's fans realize that one day they'll have a starting rotation with Gio Gonzalez, Brett Anderson, Sean Gallagher, and Trevor Cahill? It's quite possibly the best young rotation I've ever seen.

3. David Price - My gut instinct tells me to drop Price down closer to #5 or even #6, but I'm going to give him until the end of the year before I pass a final judgment on him. His stuff isn't as good as I originally thought it would be.

4. Madison Bumgarner - Pop Quiz Time! Name 5 pitchers that have averaged a K/9 of 10 or more in A ball at the age of 18. Time's up. Post your answers below.

5. Brett Cecil - I've seen absolutely zero buzz about Cecil, but he's got better numbers than Price, and he's very good.

6. Rick Porcello - I was hoping for higher strike out totals from Porcello, but his ground ball rate has been a nice surprise, and his control is respectable.

7. Neftali Feliz - It makes me sick every time I think that Feliz could have been pitching for the Braves if they hadn't lost him in the Teixeira trade.

8. Jordan Walden - Watch out Nick Adenhart, Walden's catching up really fast.

9. Jeremy Jeffress - Tons of potential, and it looks like he's got his personal life back on track as well.

10. Michael Bowden - Still a few years away from being a solid pitcher in the Red Sox rotation, but he'll be a very nice addition to the Buchholz-Lester-Masterson trio.

Honorable mentions: Jeremy Jeffress, Jose Ortegano, Jarrod Parker, Will Inman, Matt Latos, Nick Barnese

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Anonymous said...

Any particular reason Anderson is so high? What about Tommy Hanson?

Adam G said...

See my David Price vs. Brett Anderson vs. Trevor Cahill post from yesterday.

Joel L said...

I couldn't agree with you anymore. And yes I am well aware of what our future rotation may be. Imagine if Inoa, HRod, or Simmons pan out as well. Wow that would be ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Lotzkar is posting a k/9 average higher then 10 at A ball lol. But I do agree with you on most of your picks in the top 10. Maybe not cecil as I'm just not a fan. I also was hoping that Porcello would post a higher K rate but he is still pitching well for someone at his age. Im guessing the K's will come in the future...

A's have a great rotation ahead of them, already have a decent rotation now, gonna be amazing to see what the future holds for them.