Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scout.com Top 100 Prospect Ranking Review

I'm not sure when the list came out, but it looks a bit ridiculous.

I won't bother with filtering through the entire list, but I'll add my comments to some of the top 10, and then maybe get around to some of the others later.

Scout.com's Top 10 Prospects...
  1. David Price - You all know how I feel about Price. He's good, but not that good.
  2. Andrew McCutchen -Ummmm...maybe, but not really. Probably more like a top 10, but not #2.
  3. Colby Rasmus -I think he fits in closer to #10 with McCutchen.
  4. Chase Headley -Headley is a solid player, but not top 10.
  5. Max Scherzer - Seriously?
  6. Matt Wieters - Perhaps the best catching prospect since Mike Piazza, and he gets the #6 spot?
  7. Chris Davis - Once again, everyone knows how I feel about Davis. He's definitely top 10, and #7 sounds about right.
  8. Jeremy Hellickson - 21 years old at AA with a 4.88 ERA. Big friggin' deal.
  9. Rick Porcello - I actually almost like this pick. Porcello should be somewhere around the top 15, but maybe not top 10.
  10. Jason Heyward - I like Heyward somewhere around the top 10, so I like this pick.
I'm going to put together my own Top 10 list over the next few hours, so if you're interested, be sure to check it out.

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